A cure for HIV?

on Tuesday, 17 September 2013. Posted in blog

Rapid treatment after HIV infection may be enough to "functionally cure" about a 10th of those diagnosed early, say researchers in France.

The group have been analysing 14 people who stopped therapy (known as the Visconti cohort), but have since shown no signs of the virus resurging. It seems that at least part of the reason for this response has been due to the fact the everyone in the group had HIV detected in the very early stages of infection and were treated immediately with anti retro-viral drugs.

However, most people infected with HIV do not find out until the virus has fully infiltrated the body.

It follows reports of a baby girl being effectively 'cured' after very early treatment in the US.

Although it's early days with this research and more is needed, it is encouraging. What we can say is that it's never been more important to diagnose HIV early.

Southdowns Private Healthcare offers an Early Detection screen which is accurate just 10 days after exposure. We can also offer an Instant test with results available in just 10 minutes, which is accurate after 28 days post exposure. We operate from our clinics in Hampshire and Harley Street, London

Dr Abu Chinwala, Southdowns Private Healthcare

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