Need to see a doctor quickly?

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Same Day and Next Day appointments

Need to see a doctor quickly?

With NHS pressures, it can be increasingly difficult to see your doctor as quickly as you might like. At Southdowns we appreciate that when you are ill you want to see your doctor as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary worry and to start any treatment quickly.

If you'd like a same day appointment please call our reception and we will do our very best to fit you in promptly.

Call us to book your appointment on 033 022 02000

Why it's time for your Flu vaccine

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2016 Flu vaccines available in Emsworth now

Why it's time for your Flu vaccine

It’s important that we take flu vaccinations seriously in the UK. The influenza virus is not just catching a cold; it’s much, much worse. Flu can be a lethal disease and should be treated accordingly.

Flu vaccines become available from mid September for those aged over 6 months in the UK. As flu vaccines take between 7-21 days to become effective in your system, the sooner you have yours the better.

Why have a flu vaccine?

Having a flu vaccine gives you a better chance of avoiding getting the flu this year and of passing it on to others. In this sense it is a win-win. Good for you and good for others, even if you aren’t worried you can consider it a service to your community to have the vaccine.

Chris Cook reported in the Guardian that last year even though the effectiveness of the flu vaccine was higher than in previous years. The death rate especially in older people of those catching the flu was high.

You can read the article here Guardian Flu article by Chris Cook

Staying protected from flu

Staying protected with a vaccine is the best way to try to protect your health and prevent this from being the case in the coming winter.

People who are considered ‘at risk’ by the NHS will be offered a vaccine on the NHS but those not considered at risk won’t be.

‘At risk’ categories include:

  • Being aged 65 and over (or will turn 65 by 31 March 2016)
  • Being pregnant
  • Have a certain medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Caring for someone whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill

As a doctor I would recommend that you get vaccinated whether you are in an at risk group or not. Even if you aren’t in an NHS defined ‘at risk’ group you can still catch the flu and the symptoms can be very severe.

Our specialist GPs can provide the right advice, make sure your needs are assessed and administer the flu vaccine to you at a time of day that suits your needs. The influenza vaccine costs £45.

The flu vaccine for children in 2016

This year the flu vaccine for children will be given as a nasal spray and will be available on the NHS to children ages 2,3,4 and in years reception one and two.

If you child aged between 6 months and 2 years old we can still offer the flu vaccination privately by way of an injection. If your child is in year three or above and not in an NHS defined ‘at risk’ category you will need to book them a flu vaccine privately. An injection costs £45 and the nasal spray which can be used on those aged two and over costs £75.

At Southdowns private healthcare our experienced GPs can administer Flu Vaccine to children.

Whatever your concerns we can help -  just give us a call on:

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Flu Jab offered to all 2 year olds the winter

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Stay well this winter

Flu Jab offered to all 2 year olds the winter

Influenza is a major cause of death each year in the UK and it is caused by the flu virus.Vaccination has been available since the late 1960s, and is offered annually to patients aged 65.

All those aged 6 months and over in risk groups identified by the Department of Health are also offered the jab. Southdowns Private Healthcare offers Fluenz, amongst others and according to suitability, to children from 6 months to 18 years of age.

From September 2013, all 2 year-olds are now given nasal influenza immunisation, extending to pre-school and primary school children by 2014. The programme is then expected to extend to Secondary schools by 2015.


Making time for your health

At Southdowns we believe that giving our patients time to discuss their health is a critical factor in good health.

Our consultations are unhurried, allowing us to fully explore your concerns and talk through any issues you want to discuss.

Patient Confidentiality

We do not share any information about our clients with anyone else, unless you give expressed permission. Unlike the NHS we operate an “opt-in” policy regarding data sharing, meaning that unless told otherwise we will not share your details with any third parties.